Certifications and Quality

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Salou is pushing on quality by obtaining certifications, known both nationally and internationally, due to the quality of our facilities and the environment management. All the beaches in Salou, our destination's main attraction, are certified with the ISO 14.001:2015, a certification that ensures the correct environment management of these spaces. Besides, our 2 main beaches, Llevant and Ponent, obtained the Q de Platges or UNE-ISO 13.009:2016 certification due to the quality of their facilities (rescue and lifesaving, security, information, leisure...). Also, the Blue Flag is present in both Llevant and Capellans beaches due to the quality of their water and sand, among other factors. 

Plus, Salou has been pushing in the last few years to recover Cap Salou's coastline and fishing the Coastal Path, a project that had a great positive environment impact and which responds to our town's position towards sustainability. 

Salou does also follow these projects: 

- Pla Estratègic de l'Activitat Turística

- Salou Smart Turístic (RED.es)

- Diagnòstic i Pla de Millores de Segittur: Destino Turístico Inteligente Adherido

- Pla de Mobilitat

- PECT Turístic en família/Platja Innovadora