Salou Live and 360º

Salou Live and 360º

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Salou Cam: see it in 360º

Check it out. The webcams are located on Llevant Beach (East) and Ponent Beach (West), but also inland in the Salou town centre, at the ornamental fountains, at the breakwater on the pier, at the marina and on Passeig Jaume I.

The 360º images let you see a slice of the ambience that visitors live day and night.

Salou webcams

Passeig Jaume I

In the summer, Passeig Jaume I is a beehive of people taking leisurely strolls and seeking the shade of the palm trees only metres from the sea. In winter it is more peaceful, yet is still a perfect spot for playing sports or having a wander in the warm sun.

Wharf at the breakwater

Salou’s façade is caressed by the sea, always alive, always crystal blue. The camera will let you see –in real time!– the daily life in the capital town of the Costa Daurada and also see the wharf, its little sailboats and boats docked, as well as many other sites in Salou, like the Dancing Fountains.

Salou 360º


Cyvernetic fountain

The cybernetic fountains in Salou are an explosion of lights and water. There are a whopping total of 210 different programmed combinations of gentle and powerful jets, although they are always unique and always different. You can get a bird’s eye view of the fountains from this image –with full sound.


Llevant Beach

Stretched out on the sand, reclining on a beach chair, diving down into the water or gazing out from a shady beach bar... are just a few of the thousand ways to enjoy Llevant Beach in Salou. Open this 360º image and feel like you’re right there on the beach.


Llarga Beach

The last rays of sun are still shining on Llarga Beach. It’s the long lazy hours of late afternoon, but we know you still want to get in those last minutes on the beach to dive into the waters of the Mediterranean and breath in the peacefulness given off by this beach nestled amidst the pines.


Devils and witches

Fire and smoke have been associated since time immemorial with Catalan festivals and popular culture. Take a look at this image with the devils and you won’t have to cover your ears, we just suggest that you enjoy the fireworks and let the spirit of the fiesta carry you away.


The Lighthouse of Salou

Sea breeze surrounds us as we walk along the path Camino de Ronda, of about 300m, that goes round the lighthouse of Salou. This path almost allows the visitor to touch the sea and enjoy a natural landscape of great beauty, sheltered from the steep coast andfar away from the noise of Salou, capital of Costa Daurada.


Platja Ponent

The southernmost of the nine beaches in the municipality, running for 1,115 metres in parallel to the esplanade (Passeig Miramar). It is one of the urban beaches, along with Llevant and Capellans, with a total of 2.5 kilometres of fine golden sands and shallow crystalline waters.


Cala Llenguadets

Cala Llenguadets has a singular beauty, as it provides one of the best sunset scenes in town. Moreover, the Coastal Path joins Llenguadets and Platja dels Capellans


Cala Penya Tallada

Penya Tallada is a small cove of great natural beauty. It is surrounded by pine trees and local vegetation, and it is located between Punta Roja and a wall that goes into the sea known as Penya Tallada.


Cala Vinya

Very small cove with various rental facilities and located by Cala Font.


Cala Font

A small sand cove located in the Cap Salou area. Its crystal-clear waters allow users to admire the sea bed. In fact, this is one of the best places in Costa Daurada for snorkel enthusiasts.


Cala Crancs

This small beach is located in Cap Salou. It is one of the most fascinating beaches in Salou, as it is surrounded by vegetation and a natural environment. Located far from tourist establishments, it is ideal for snorkel enthusiasts.


Els Pilons

This area is called Pilons, which means ‘bollards’ in English. This name comes from the fact that fishermen used to moor their boats to the many bollards in the area. Since 1998 it has a sculpture by Antoni Rosselló Til, in the shape of a sail that commemorates Salou’s history as a fishing village. From this spot you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the coast and spectacular sunsets.