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Barenys Roman Villa

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The archaeological site of the Barenys Roman villa is comprised of the remains of a deposit from the Roman era dating back to between the end of the 1st century BC to the middle of the 2nd century.

The site was a ceramics workshop, and a further dozen have been found in Camp de Tarragona. The archaeological site consists of the rectangular foundation of a building used for ceramic production: construction materials and amphorae for transport and wine exportation. The circular oven, some 3.5 metres in diameter, was used to bake the ceramic pieces. The lower part is complete and in good condition, where they lit the fire, and the perforated grille, so that the heat could reach the pottery.  This museum work lets visitors see the centuries old history of Salou and, in parallel, you can also go inside the kiln.

The well conserved remains of a large space with columns is right next to the oven, which was the workshop where potters crafted and shaped the clay.  The pottery workshop was supplied with water from an aqueduct that was dug into the rock, transporting it from the Barenys ravine. 

At the moment it is not open and the guided tours are not available.

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