Sea Routes

Sea Routes

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The Sea Routes de Salou is a project to show the magic of the town's seabed and to practice open water sports. Discover our marine biodiversity!

Salou Sea Routes Project

Would you like to discover the magic of the seabed of Salou's beaches thanks to the Sea Routes project?

This new project brings the town's seabed closer to all those who love water sports to get to know the other side of the sea by swimming in open water in a unique environment such as Salou.

The itineraries of Salou's Sea Routes

The Sea Routes project offers 2 marine itineraries:

1. 962 metres leading from Capellans Beach to Llarga Beach (Difficulty: medium / Level: amateur / Length: 1km / Estimated time: 15-22min / Period: from Easter to the first week of November).

2. 970 metres from Font Creek to Llarga Beach (Difficulty: easy / Level: amateur / Length: 1km / Estimated duration: 15-22min / Period: from Easter to first week of November)

Buoys: A total of 10 white spherical-conical buoys have been installed (8 of 40cm diameter and 2 of 60cm). These buoys are manufactured by rotomoulding system, with low density polyethylene resin and UV stabilised to avoid colour degradation. The buoys have distance indications every 50 metres and the image of a swimmer.

Anchoring train: The anchoring train is made of hot-dip galvanised steel chain, which is 10mm thick for the 60cm diameter buoys and 8mm thick for the 40cm buoys. They are supported to the bottom by marine concrete ballast, in a parallelepiped shape of 50x50x20cm and with a unit weight of 125kg. The 60cm buoys have two ballast units. The 40cm buoys, on the other hand, have one unit of ballast, which is attached to each other using 10mm "Lira" type shackles in all cases to guarantee fastening.

These new routes have been identified and studied so that open water swimming enthusiasts and triathletes, as well as swimming and sports clubs, can enjoy the variety and richness of Salou's seabed.

Experience this incredible adventure and get to know the biodiversity hidden in our coast!