The Lighthouse of Salou

The Lighthouse of Salou

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Sea breeze surrounds us as we walk along the path Camino de Ronda, of about 300m, that goes round the lighthouse of Salou. This path almost allows the visitor to touch the sea and enjoy a natural landscape of great beauty, sheltered from the steep coast andfar away from the noise of Salou, capital of Costa Daurada.

Opened in April 1858, it has a red main tower that still lightens the gulf of San Jordi in Costa Daurada nowadays. It used to have a white light powered by olive oil which could be seen 14 miles away.Two lighthouse keepers were in charge of making it work. Later, as years went by, technology was implemented. Next to this building there is another one that had been occupied by the engineer and the lighthouse keeper.

The restoration of this place has been done in a way very respectful with the natural setting.Therefore, some of the native trees that can be spotted arethe asparagus plant, the white pine tree, the sea lilies, the agave or the thatching grass, among others. Also, there are three viewpoints along the way that allow the visitor to stop and enjoy the Costa Daurada in all its splendour. One of the most special ones is the one located in the south; from it you can see the mountains of Llaberia and enjoy the view of more than twenty different sea birds that are frequently seen there.

Opening: at 10am

Closure: after the sunset

Free entrance