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Salou in 1 day

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Below, we suggest an itinerary for one full day mixing sightseeing, leisure and relaxation. Why not start off your day at the beach. Do you dare to have a go at parasailing? You can sign up for this exciting water sport at the Nautical Station, on Llevant Beach. And without even needing to leave the beach, you can have lunch at one of the guinguetes (beach cafés) sitting in the shade, next to the sea, taking your pick of the excellent cuisine.

In the afternoon, sit back and take a ride on the trenet, or little Tourist Train. This is a great way to get to see the sites furthest from the city centre. After you get back, this is the perfect time to do some shopping, before heading back to the coast again in the late afternoon. With a gentle breeze wafting off the sea, this is the best time to take a stroll on the Camí de Ronda, or the coastal path.  The sound and smells of the sea accompany you as you discover the coast, with its beaches and tucked-away coves, as you wander through pine groves and the setting sun imbues the landscape with a golden hue.

We recommend dinner in Salou, although you may have a hard time choosing from among the 200 restaurants, most of which have outside seating. And to finish off your day, you can’t miss the Cybernetic Fountains show while enjoying an ice-cream on one of the terraces on the promenade, to add the cherry to your lovely day.

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