Fonts Ornamentals

Fonts Ornamentals

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Passeig Jaume I

The Cybernetic Fountains are a spectacular show of synchronised choreographies and compositions of light, water and music; the Labyrinth, with its water jets and sprays for the whole family; and the Luminous Fountain, created in 1973 by engineer Carles Buïgas, has its own play of water and lights, with some 210 different combinations. It is located on Plaza Francesc Germà Sanz, and the square is named after the leader of the popular movement who demanded independence for the municipality of Salou.

These three main fountains are linked by other groups of fountains located along the entire length of the promenade, and together are called the Ornamental Fountains.

For further information, look up the days and timetable of the fountains.