Temperatures & weather

Temperatures & weather

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Salou enjoys a Mediterranean climate, temperate and hot, with a tourist season that extends throughout the year. Summers are hot, yet cooled by sea breezes, and spring’s fair weather lingers on well into autumn. Winters are typical of the Mediterranean climate, with extremely mild temperatures.

The hot sun and gentle breeze throughout the year makes this a perfect site to come and visit any time of year. From January to December, you can stroll along the fine sand beaches of Salou and enjoy all types of sports and activities in the open air.



Springtime sees Salou dressed in a multitude of colourful flowers. It is sweet, warm and arrives after a mild winter. Maximum temperatures hardly ever drop below 20º C and the average temperature is around 15º.



During the summer, you can enjoy Salou practically 24 hours a day. The days are hot, with an average maximum temperature of 30º C, and evenings and nights with breezes off the sea register minimum average temperatures between 15º and 19º C.



This season of the year may come as the greatest surprise to visitors with regard to its climate. Autumn holds onto the heat of summer till its final days. Indeed, in Salou autumn is really like a second spring. The average temperatures in autumn months vary from 15º to 22º C.



Mild. That is the adjective that best sums up the winter months in Salou, and the numbers back this claim up. The average winter temperature is no less than 10º and maximums at midday can rise above 20º C. In March, with spring well on its way, average temperatures rise above 13º C.

Average temperature (ºC)

January February March April May June July August September October November December
11.1 10 13.1 14.2 16.3 20.9 25.1 24.5 22.5 20.2 13.7 10

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