Viewpoints route

Viewpoints route

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Discover all the magic secrets that the Mediterranean offers you in Salou with the magnificent Viewpoints Route. 23 viewpoints, each of them truly spectacular, offer a pleasant and agreeable stroll beneath the sunny skies of the Costa Daurada and, at the same time, beside the intense blue of the Mediterranean. It forms a way to follow between the sea and the mountains, surrounded by forests and the typical native plant life, where you will discover an enchanting Salou. Go further and encounter the biodiversity, the vegetation and the crystalline waters that will accompany you along this route helping you to enjoy a relaxing natural space with the Mediterranean Sea as your host and guide.

Bocana Viewpoint

From Salou, a window to the west

Antic Moll Viewpoint

A spectacular view of Llevant beach and Jaume I flock

Pilons Pointview

Gastronomical and sporting value; dynamism in action

Torre Nova Pointview

180º from Llevant to Capellans

Capellans Viewpoint

A salouean place with much history

Po-Roig Viewpoint

A 360º military enclave

Platja Llarga Pointview

Mediterranian wood, beach, and sea... Everything at the same place

Duna and les Roques Puntxoses Pointview

The geological richness of the coast of Salou

Punta Prima Pointview

A unique coastline place: rock and sea

Punta del Rescat Viewpoint

The legend viewpoint

Punta del Cavall Pointview

A beautiful Mediterranean sunset

Cala Crancs Viewpoint

The holiday Salou start; architecture serving tourism

Cala Morisca Pointview

Pirates and natural richness in the same place

Les Ànimes Viewpoint

A unique environment for meditation

La Falconera Viewpoint

There where the sight flies... and the spirit

Far Viewpoint

A place with magic and unique stories

Mar i Pins Viewpoint

Where Salou mountains are buried in the sea

Trinxeres Viewpoint

A strategic viewpoint over Costa Daurada's coastline

Tossa Alta Viewpoint

After the most woody zone of Salou, a natural quarry bursts in vision

Pla de l'Estepa Viewpoint

Where steppe flower extends in front of the sea and under the blue sky

Kal·lípolis Viewpoint

Where the ancient iberians descried the Mediterranian Sea

Pedrera Viewpoint

A different view over a surprising environment, stone and vegetation in front of the sea

Rocabona Viewpoint

Cap Salou Pedrera borns, much rock -and of the good kind- under the heat of a radiant sun

Bocana Viewpoint

From Salou, the West window

Mirador de la Bocana

From Salou, a window to the west

Miradors - Bocana 01 NOU Miradors - Bocana 02 NOU


Mirador de l'Antic Moll

A spectacular view over the Llevant beach and Jaume I flotilla

Miradors - Moll 01 NOU Miradors - Moll 02 NOU

Mirador dels Pilons

Valued in gastronomy and sports; dynamism in action

Miradors - Pilons 01 NOU Miradors - Pilons 02 NOU


Mirador de la Torre Nova

180º views from Llevant to Capellans

Miradors - Torre Nova 01 NOU Miradors - Torre Nova 02 NOU


Mirador de Capellans

A part of Salou that is full of history

Miradors - Capellans 01 NOU Miradors - Capellans 02 NOU


Mirador del Po-Roig

A 360º view of a military enclave

Miradors - Po Roig 01 NOU Miradors - Po Roig 02 NOU


Mirador de la Platja Llarga

Mediterranean woods, beach and sea... All together in the same place

Platja llarga 1 Mirador platja llarga 2

Mirador de la Duna i les Roques Punxoses

Geological riches on the coast of Salou

Miradors - Duna 01 NOU Miradors - Duna 02 NOU


Mirador de la Punta Prima

A unique spot on the coast: rocks and sea

Miradors - Punta Prima 01 NOU Miradors - Punta Prima 02 NOU


Mirador de la Punta del Rescat

A legendary viewpoint

Miradors - Punta Rescat 01 NOU Miradors - Punta Rescat 02 NOU

Mirador de la Punta del Cavall

For a beautiful mediterranean sunset

Miradors - Punta Cavall 01 NOU Miradors - Punta Cavall 02 NOU


Mirador de la Cala Crancs

Where holidays begin in Salou, architecture at the service of tourism

cala crancs 1 Mirador Cala Crancs 03  


Mirador de la Cala Morisca

Pirates and natural riches in the same place

Miradors - Cala Morisca 01 NOU Miradors - Cala Morisca 02 NOU


Mirador de Les Ànimes

A special place for meditation

Miradors - Ànimes 01 NOU Miradors - Ànimes 02 NOU


Mirador de La Falconera

Where your glance takes flight... and your spirit

Miradors - Falconera 01 NOU Miradors - Falconera 02 NOU


Mirador del Far 

A magical spot full of stories

Miradors - Far 01 NOU Miradors - Far 02 NOU


Mirador de Mar i Pins 

Where Salou mountains descend to the sea

mirador mar i pins 1 mirador mar i pins 2


Mirador de els Trinxeres

Strategic viewing point over the coastline of the Costa Daurada

Mirador Trinxeres 01 Mirador Trinxeres 02

Mirador de la Tossa Alta

After the mre wooded area of Salou, a sudden view of a natural quarry

Mirador Tossa Alta Mirador Tossa Alta 02


Mirador del Pla de l'Estepa

Where the rockrose spreads widely by the seashore under the heavenly blue of the sky

Pla de l'Estepa Pla de l'Estepa 2

Mirador de Kal·lípolis

From where the ancient Iberians perceived the Mediterranean Sea

Kal·lípolis 1 Kal·lípolis 2


Mirador de la Pedrera

A different view of a surprising environment, rocks and vegetation on the seafront

Pedrera 1 Pedrera 2


Mirador de la Rocabona

The opening of Cap Salou Quarry, a lot of stone -and very good- in the heat of a glowing sun

Rocabona 1 Rocabona 2


Are you ready then to fall in love with Salou and the Mediterranean Sea?


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