Viewpoints route

Viewpoints route

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Discover the beauty of the Mediterranean in Salou from the viewpoints

As you know, the capital of Costa Daurada is a destination that loves the Mediterranean Sea. Discover the magic of this unique relation thanks to Salou’s viewpoints.

Miradors - Bocana 01 NOU Miradors - Bocana 02 NOU 

Located between Ponent and Llevant beach, find the Bocana viewpoint, which you can reach, precisely, from the second viewpoint we'd like to talk about: Espigó del Moll, an iconic spot in Salou dominated by the Monument to the Fisherman. 

Miradors - Moll 01 NOU Miradors - Moll 02 NOU

Next, right at the beginning of the Coastal Path, and what is the most eastern end of Llevant beach, you’ll find one of the most special and well-known viewpoints: Pilons. This spot ─in which we find the spectacular sculpture by Antoni Rosselló Til─ offers of the best scenes in our town to admire the most incredible sunsets, while watching Salou’s maritime façade.

Miradors - Pilons 01 NOU Miradors - Pilons 02 NOU

With easy access from Brussel·les street or the actual Coastal Path, you can reach the Torre Nova viewpoint, which will provide you with unique 180º views of both Llevant and Capellans.

Miradors - Torre Nova 01 NOU Miradors - Torre Nova 02 NOU

Going east, whether it is following the Coastal Path ─a spectacular project built in various stages that is an example of sustainability in the heart of Costa Daurada, besides being a true paradise for those who love a heatly lifestyle and activities such as trekking or running─ or from Brussel·les street, you’ll find the new Capellans viewpoint, an incredibly beautiful spot that will allow you to see one of the most iconic beaches in Salou.

Miradors - Capellans 01 NOU Miradors - Capellans 02 NOU

Following the Coastal Path, and just after Capellans, you’ll arrive to the Po Roig viewpoint, one of the most magic places in Cap Salou thanks to almost 360º views and some stairs that will allow you to go even further into the Mediterranean Sea.

Miradors - Po Roig 01 NOU Miradors - Po Roig 02 NOU

Next, and right after the Llenguadets cove, you’ll get to the Duna viewpoint, in Llarga beach, which will offer some unique views of this natural area.

Miradors - Duna 01 NOU Miradors - Duna 02 NOU

After this, right in the heart of Cap Salou, there’s the Punta Prima viewpoint, with stunning views of the Penya Tallada cove and an incredible natural environment.

Miradors - Punta Prima 01 NOU Miradors - Punta Prima 02 NOU

If you follow the Coastal Path, you’ll find the Punt del Rescat viewpoint, located between the Vinya and Font coves.

Miradors - Punta Rescat 01 NOU Miradors - Punta Rescat 02 NOU

Further on ─and between Cala Vinya and Cala Crancs coves─, you have to discover the Punta del Cavall viewpoint, one of the most surrounded by nature.

Miradors - Punta Cavall 01 NOU Miradors - Punta Cavall 02 NOU

On your way to the Salou Lighthouse, and through Cala Crancs street, you’ll get to the Cala Morisca viewpoint, which was built just a few months ago ─and that has allowed us to recover a historical spot in our town in a sustainable way─ which will provide you with some stunning views of Cala Crancs.

Miradors - Cala Morisca 01 NOU Miradors - Cala Morisca 02 NOU

Right before you reach the Salou Lighthouse, you’ll get to discover the Ànimes viewpoint, a little viewpoint where you can escape from routine, fall in love with the natural area or enjoy sports such as yoga.

Miradors - Ànimes 01 NOU Miradors - Ànimes 02 NOU

And, once you reach the Salou Lighthouse, you’ll fall in love with the Falconera viewpoint ─located at the end of a 300m wooden footbridge that will take you to the Lighthouse─ and the Lighthouse viewpoint, where you’ll find an iconic sculpture in the shape of a wind rose.

Miradors - Falconera 01 NOU Miradors - Falconera 02 NOU

Miradors - Far 01 NOU Miradors - Far 02 NOU

Are you ready then to fall in love with Salou and the Mediterranean Sea?