Salou in winter in 2 days

Salou in winter in 2 days

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Salou offers you thousands of things to do in winter in 2 days. Discover them!

Salou in winter in 2 days

Visiting Salou in winter is an ideal way to enjoy the capital of the Costa Daurada in peace and quiet. What's more, you can rediscover Salou in 2 days or Salou in a weekend. Discover the Coastal Path, stroll along the Jaume I Promenade by bike or on roller skates, visit the Torre Vella or enjoy the sunsets, and you'll still have plenty of time to enjoy its gastronomy!


Visit Salou in winter in 2 days, first day

Coastal Path and Cap Salou

The Coastal Path is a 6.5 km path that crosses the entire coastline, from the Pilons area to the Salou lighthouse. Moreover, from Cap Salou you can enjoy the most natural surroundings of the municipality.

Some obligatory stops along the Coastal Path on your visit to Salou are Capellans beach, Llenguadets beach, Llarga beach, Penya Tallada cove and Crancs cove.


The Torre Vella and the Jaume I Promenade

The Torre Vella is an old fortification that was built as a defensive tower against pirate attacks. Today, it is a cultural centre where you can visit different art exhibitions in Salou.

Continuing along this historical route, on Jaume I Promenade you will find the monument to Jaume I, which commemorates the moment when the Catalan fleet commanded by King Jaume I left this point to conquer Mallorca.

You can't miss the modernist villas right next to the promenade either. The Bonet villa stands out, built by the architect Domènec Sugranyes i Gras, a disciple and collaborator of Gaudí.

If you are looking to visit Salou in winter in 1 day, don't miss all this information!


Visit Salou in winter in 2 days, second day

Route around Salou on bike or roller skates

The Jaume I Promenade is one of the main arteries of Salou, so you can discover it in a thousand ways during your visit to Salou in 2 days, and one of them is exercising.

The promenade connects with the Coastal Path and the Miramar promenade, and has a bike lane that reaches nearby towns such as Cambrils. If you like sport, the beach and fresh air, make the most of your morning to cycle or rollerblade around Salou!


The gastronomy of Salou

On the way back from your walk, make the most of your appetite to sample the gastronomy of Salou.

In Salou we have many restaurants, such as signature cuisine restaurants, which offer innovative proposals with high quality ingredients. We even have a Michelin-starred restaurant in Salou; the restaurant Deliranto.

There are also restaurants in Salou specialising in Mediterranean and seafood cuisine, tapas restaurants, fast food, international food, oriental food and brasseries.


The Santa Maria del Mar Church and the Carrilet train station

During the afternoon of your second day in Salou, you can visit the lesser-known areas of the town, such as the old quarter, where you'll find the Santa Maria del Mar church.


The Salou church was built in 1766 by the Salou sailors' guild. At first, it was a small chapel, but today it is a baroque-style construction with classicist lines, with two side naves. Don't miss the murals and paintings that decorate the baptistery.

And following the history of Salou, you can't miss the old Carrilet station either. The first train station in Salou that connected this town with Reus. Today, you can still see one of the old locomotives that used to make this journey in the Carrilet square.



The Parc de la Ciutat and the viewpoint route

Reserve your last hours of the second day of your visit to Salou to relax among nature, because this town hides secrets such as the Parc de la Ciutat, a small corner of peace in Carles Buïgas street surrounded by small ponds and trees.

And from being surrounded by the green of nature, you can always move on to being surrounded by the blue of the sea! Make the most of the route of Salou's viewpoints and surprise yourself with the best views of the coastline.

Salou has more than 10 viewpoints that offer the best views of the Mediterranean Sea. Not only that, but they are also the best places to watch the sunset.

Some of these places are Punta del Cavall, Punta Prima, the Cala Morisca viewpoint and the Faro viewpoint in Cap Salou. Other of these spots can be found on the Jaume I Promenade and the surrounding area, such as Pilons and the Bocana viewpoint, on the quay and the monument to the fisherman.

If you want to know more, we leave you more information about what to do in Salou in winter! We hope to see you soon.