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Tarragona, only 11 kilometres from Salou, its origins date back to the Roman settlement of Tarraco, founded by the centurions of the Roman empire over 2000 years ago. Indeed, during this era of Tarragona’s history, it was the capital of Hispania and was the residency of Emperor Cesar Augustus for two years.

A fruit of the important role that Tarraco played, the city has conserved an important architectural and heritage legacy. Some of the more notable sites include the aqueduct of the Ferreres (Pont del Diable, or Devil’s Bridge), the Roman circus, the city walls and the amphitheatre. In 2000, UNESCO distinguished and protected this heritage by rating it as Heritage of Humanity.

Tarragona also has a wealth of medieval and Modernista heritage. The city has a fisherman’s neighbourhood, protected natural spaces and a coast scattered with beaches, which is connected to a seaside route.

Pictures courtesy of: Patronat Municipal de Turisme de Tarragona.