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Zona Torre Alta (Cap Salou)

The protohistoric archaeological site at La Cella is located in the area called La Torre Alta (High Tower) in Racó de Salou, right on the coast, and dates back to between the end of the 3rd and 2nd centuries BC. Different scientific research studies have concluded that La Cella could be the ancient city of Cal.lípolis, which could well have been co-inhabited by the Carthaginians, Iberians and Greeks.

Throughout the year, a wide range of guided tours with dramatic re-enactments are offered, which teach visitors about what its inhabitants were like, their customs, their economic activity and understanding their role in Salou’s history, why it was located near the Mediterranean, its complex buildings and walls and its paved streets. Further, the tour of one of the buildings is done wearing virtual reality glasses.

Take a look at the events calendar to find out which days guided tours are offered.